Vignesh Vaidyanathan comes from Chennai in India and moved to Germany in 2017 for his Master studies. He finished his M.Sc. in Applied and Engineering Physics at TUM in March 2023.

Vignesh joined the group of Prof. Jörg Schreiber in April 2022 as a research assistant student for data acquisition from measuring instruments at CALA. The work largely involved software development in Python using a framework called “tango controls” to remotely control & retrieve data from measuring instruments. Due to the large size of the research facility, there are many instruments monitoring many different laser parameters at different locations. Also, within the experimental chambers, due to generation of harmful radiation, it is not possible to stand near a computer to acquire data. Therefore, it has to be done remotely in a centralized fashion.

Vignesh joined CALA full time in May 2023 to continue this work. As part of his full-time position, apart from tango-controls, he works with the central PLC based control system of CALA for its maintenance/troubleshooting and adaptation for experiments. The PLC based control system guides the laser pulses from its originating oscillator through the amplifiers to the experiment chambers in a safety compliant manner. 

Picture: Thorsten Naeser