Broadband Infrared Diagnostics (BIRD)

The levels, chemical modifications, and relative abundance of biomolecules that circulate in systemic bioliquids like human blood are a direct indicator of the physiological states of many organs within our body. Capitalizing on the broadband optics, ultrafast sources, and precision femtosecond-attosecond field-resolving metrologies, we develop electric-field molecular fingerprinting (EMF) as a new analytical technique. Overcoming limitations of sampling depth and sensitivity inherent to existing omics technologies, EMF is capable of describing the entire ensemble of biomolecules, even in highly complex matrices like blood plasma. 


Our target is to develop and evaluate electric-field molecular fingerprinting as a new in vitro diagnostic platform to probe molecular phenotypes for health state monitoring and detecting earliest transitions from health to disease. 

We define a new strategy, orthogonal to biomarker applications, with the time- and cost-effective analytical diagnostic approach that is being robustly evaluated in real-world populational and clinical studies that we are running — Lasers4Life (L4L) and Health4Hungary (H4H)

The precision femtosecond field-resolving metrologies are being continuously extended at our laser science laboratories, experimentally evaluated and applied on human samples.

Applying a palette of machine learning algorithms, we train and test computational models to evaluate and continuously improve detection of health conditions, phenotypes.

Our particular focus lays in new avenues for detection of common cancers and monitoring human health over time.

Extending our team

Are you a motivated bright person that is interested in sharing your passion with us? If you are a professional from relevant field of expertise and share the drive to devise new avenues for quantifying the molecules of life to improve human health – do get in touch with us! We are always open for getting to know gifted individuals.

Dr. Mihaela Žigman

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