Laser-based Universal eXperimentation (LUX) Beamline

The Laser-based Universal eXperimentation (LUX) Beamline is a multi-purpose experimental area that serves a variety of applications derived from high-power laser pulses of the ATLAS laser. Initially designed to host a laser-undulatory source, its modular vacuum chamber design can be adapted for experiments with both long or short focal length. As such, the area is ideal to study applications of laser-driven X-ray sources, such as X-ray tomography.

The LUX Beamline also serves as a testbed for the development of new diagnostics, as well as for experiments related to the development of laser-driven particle accelerators. It is also host to fundamental research related to the quantum nature of the vacuum, which acts as a nonlinear optical medium at sufficiently high intensity for the production of virtual particle-antiparticle pair.

Prof. Dr. Stefan Karsch

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